Panels are put to its best position as the installation process of a Generator for the Captive Power Generation with lot of fabrication activity. Panels are manufactured using two types of fabrication:

  • Welded Panel Construction
  • Bolted Panel Construction

Welded Panel Construction

Welded panel construction uses cutting, bending, trimming and welding of sheets to specific requirements. Cutting & bending are done on CNC machines for specific requirements of customers. These are used on specific sheet frames or angles, as per requirement and welded for sturdiness. Hinges which can be removed are welded on to the frames and doors.

Industrial locks are used for securing the doors. General Panel construction will be for flush mounted doors. When specifically required protruding doors and hinges with door lift-off facility can be provided. Suitable gaskets of synthetic rubber material or any other specific material required by the customer can be provided. Panels are manufactured generally to IP-42 construction. For outdoor Use modification of gasketing arrangement, Door bending will be instituted for IP-54 and IP-55 Panels. IP-65 Panels are not under our scope. The finishing is generally done by proper treatment of the fabricated material by 7 tank process using water wash, tank alkali dip, water wash, acid dip, waterwash, phosphating and again water wash and powder coating the same to the customer’s requirement. Special painting such as Epoxy painting or baked enamel painting can also be done in specific cases. In some cases panel construction using galvanized iron sheets can also be done. Galvanization of finished panel is also done under very special cases. Special welding needs like inert gas welding are also possible.

Bolted Panel Construction

Bolted panel construction is done by slotted angles manufactured specifically with sheets punched in definite patterns for ease of bolting. They are secured to form panels by using corner pieces under bolted descriptions. The intermediary supports for mounting various equipments such as circuit breakers etc will be done by the same type of angles. This frame is covered by 14/16G MS sheets and formed to specific panel’s requirements.

All panels are provided with lifting hooks. Outdoor panels are provided with top hoods. An earth bar with specific dimensions will run at the top or bottom of the panel to create two earth points for earthing the panel. Bottom channel framework will be done for mounting the above panels. Cable entry sheets will be provided at the bottom or top of the panel as per requirement of the customer. Generally the gland is fixed to a fabricated bottom sheet, in special cases 3 or 4 mm MS sheets or Brass sheets can be provided for cable entry.

Generally switchboard panels can be provided with panel strip heater, thermostat and 5 amps 3 Pin plug when needed.