KOEL Green Gensets

"Kirloskar" – The brand with rich engineering heritage of over 100 Years.

"KOEL Green Gensets" dealt by Unique Power Corp is recognized as one of the leading generating sets in the world. KOEL is a major global player, specialized in manufacturing both air cooled & liquid cooled Engines / Diesel Gensets with power output covering from 5 kVA to 5200 kVA & 1800 kVA to 6300 kVA. UPC has been mainly focussing on the gensets with power output covering 5 kVA to 625 kVA.

UPC has been effectively using the latest technology driven products of KOEL Green for the benefit of different market segments that include telecom, construction, IT / ITES, retail, hotels, hospitals, banking and finance and manufacturing. We are providing a variety of alternative fuel generating sets, which efficiently run on biodiesel, biogas, straight vegetable oil (SVO) and natural gas at very competitive costs.

Air Cooled (5 - 30 kVA)

Liquid Cooled (40 - 125 kVA)

Liquid Cooled (160 - 250 kVA)

Liquid Cooled (320 - 625 kVA)

KOELS approach to meet revised CPCB norms

High reliability and durability of Gensets

Owing to extreme operating conditions in India, preference has been given to robust configurations, running successfully for several years.

Low running costs

An effort to reduce emissions tends to increase the running costs. KOEL succeeded in archieving both in the same design, after persistent efforts.

Optimized fuel efficiency

KOEL DG sets are tuned to provide maximum fuel efficiency in the most common operating band. At KOEL, we call it O2E series (Optimal Operating Efficiency).

Affordable, on-site support

Proven technology will ensure that product support is available close-bym without waiting for a specialist. KOEL team has taken special efforts to keep complex technologies at a bay, which may require high on-site maintenance cost.

Winning Edge

Best in class fuel efficiency

KOEL Green Gensets offer a unique combination of CPCB norm compliance and enhance fuel efficiency. Across the range, KG Gensets offer substantial saving in fuel cost. O2E series(Optimal Operating Efficiency): Gensets ratings are selected based on present load and future expansion. Fuel efficiency of most Gensets is optimized at the full rating of genset.

Genset controllers at your finger-tips

There is no comfort like being in command. KOEL Green Gensets put the command in your hands. Micro-processor based Genset controllers display a host of Genset parameters and put all controllers at your fingertips.

Peace-of-mind ownership

KOEL Green Gensets have always been preferred for their robust design and reliability over long usage life.

KOEL Green range carries the confidence of well-established and proven engine platforms. For compliance to revised CPCB norms, KOEL has carefully selected those technologies which not only retain, but enhance Gensets durability and on-site serviceability.