Market Presence

"SMALL beginnings leading to BIG happenings"

The power situation keeps changing, so does the power supply and generation requirement. Unique Power Corp (UPC) has geared up to meet the market demand by expanding and broad basing our product offers to cater to Retailing, Banking, Hospitality, Construction / Infrastructure, Information Technology, Manufacturing or the Hospitals.

The broad base of product offerings positions us well with customers and given us a unique ability to meet the power needs of the emerging markets. As we have established and expanded our presence in Indian market, we have set our eyes to leverage our global portfolio and selectively work to meet the needs of specific populations.

UPC is there where there is the need of power, enriching lives. We are equipped to serve our customers well and our strengths lie on the following:

  • Our sales are based on Turnkey basis.
  • We offer single window service
  • Tension free situation with our customised AMC in place
  • Fully implemented CRM Module
  • People can order online
  • We also support the client with the financing option

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