Q1: What size generator do I need ?

A: Power requirements must be determined to properly size your generator. We are providing some steps to assist you in approximating the size generator for your power needs. Please keep in mind that unless you are qualified, you should use a certified electrician to determine your power needs. At Americas Generators it is our goal to assist our customers in any way possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q2: Which are the agencies that generate power in the state of Karnataka?

A: Karnataka Power Corporation Limited is licensed to generate power, Independent power producers for wheeling to the grid and for own use with specific permission from the government and Captive power generation by consumers for own use. .

Q3: Which agency is responsible for transmission of power?

A: Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited above 66kV. But below 66kV the distribution companies will distribute power.

Q4: Who distributes power in the state of Karnataka?

A: At present Electricity supply companies viz BESCOM, MESCOM, GESCOM, HESCOM, HUKKERI SOCIETY.

Q5: Who are the major consumers of Power?

A: Industries, Commercial Complexes, Agriculture Sector and Domestic Sector.

Q6: Who ensures Safety in all the above installations?

A: The Department of Electrical Inspectorate under the Administrative control of Department of Energy, Government of Karnataka.

Q7: How is Electrical Safety Achieved?

A: The Department implements the Statutory Rules in all the installations, listed in 1 to 4 above, by pre-commissioning and periodical inspections.

Q8: Which are the installations inspected for safety by the Department of Electrical Inspectorate?

A: Transmission and Distribution lines, Transformer installations, Generator installations, Lift and Escalator installations, Cinema installations, X- Ray installations, Neon sign installations, Video installations, All medium voltage power installations and Multistoried buildings.

Q9: What are the other duties and functions carried out by the Department?

A: The Chief Electrical Inspector is advisor to government on electrical matters, Issues licence and permits to carry out electrical works, Issues permits to cinema operators, Investigates electrical accidents to assess the reasons and report to government and suggest remedial measures to prevent such accidents, Quality analysis of electrical works and materials used, Investigation of electrical fires, Technical scrutiny of electrical estimates for government works; Adjudication of disputes such as: between electrical contractor and consumer on quality of work and materials used, between electricity consumer and supplier on disputed electricity bills, disputed meter recordings, disputed positioning of meter boards and equipment, disputed locations of electrical equipment & lines in public places in the interest of safety; Educating the public on safe use of electricity, Educating consumers on conservation of power and Collection of electricity taxes and duties in the state of Karnataka.

Q10: How is an Electrical Inspector useful to the general public?

A: He can be consulted: To suggest the right person to execute the electrical works and materials to be used in an electrical installation, To suggest safety clearances for the buildings from the O/H lines, To suggest safety clearances for electrical equipment in any installation, To suggest the type and method of construction of earthing arrangements, To test the safe earth resistance in any existing / proposed installations, To educate on the statutory Acts and Rules on electricity matters and suggest Safety Rules, On any issue concerning safety in and around electrical lines / equipment, On electricity tax and duty matters, To adjudicate on disputes concerning wrong and erroneous billing, slow / fast recording of energy meters, power factor meters and maximum demand indicator and For the sizing of the cables, switch gears, protective devices, etc.

Q11: Where can an Electrical Inspector be consulted?

A: In all the district Headquarters apart from the Head Office at Bengaluru, the Capital of Karnataka State.

Q12: What is expected of public in the event of an electrical accident?

A: Isolate power supply immediately, Ensure no bare contact is made with the victim until power supply is disconnected, Remove the victim from contact with the supply for first aid, Report the matter to electricity supplier immediately and to the jurisdictional police and Electrical Inspector.

Q13: How is the victim compensated?

A: Compensation is paid depending on the cause of the accident as investigated and reported by an Electrical Inspectorate by the supplier as and when the supplier is held responsible for the accident.

Q14: Which are the simple devices to prevent electrical shocks and fire in a residential installation?

A: The RCCB / ELCB and MCB along with proper earthing can prevent accidents.

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