Unique Power Corp. supplies rental generators for all your on-site power requirements. UPC is the right source for you to look for standby diesel generators, portable and mobile generators, agricultural generators, container generators, movie industry super quiet generators, commercial and residential ultra-quiet generators, trailer mounted construction generators.

We cater to the power requirements renting the generators to industries, home owners, electrical contractors, construction companies, rental companies, off-grid alternative energy users, and most importantly for anyone needing high quality on-site electrical power.

UPC is a reliable source to rely on for renting generators and generator systems. You can talk to one of our generator sales engineers who can help you with generator selection and sizing, motor starting calculations, alternative energy applications, critical power, transfer switch selection, sound attenuation evaluations, fuel tank requirements, generator troubleshooting, and generator installation.

When you connect with Unique Power Corp. you can be rest assured that you are provided the best products and service at the most affordable prices.